Innovation... Passion... Commitment... Accuracy... Attentiveness... Excellence... 


These terms provide a glimpse into the design process led by USIO DESIGN'S lead designer, Yitzchok Apter. Apter leads a clear, creative and cohesive design process that yields spaces in a way his clients have only dreamed of. He takes his client's vision and projects it through the lens of his unique gifting of being innovative to create new one of a kind products that come to life. People are empowered to celebrate their unique preferences by giving them an endless variety of choices of color, materials, and texture for their personal touch  in collaboration with his expertise.


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Yitzchok Apter

Apter may be best known as a creative pioneer. He has a tireless creative hunger to "create what should be." Whether it is a display, light fixture, a large capacity seating area, an ottoman, a headboard, wall art, or storage that provides beauty equally to function, Apter melds vision with innovation that brings dreams to life. 


His passion of harmonizing beauty with function leads to commercial, retail, residential and religious spaces that are visually inviting without compromising the physical comfort and support that helps people stay and enjoy the beauty. 


Apter is a deeply committed husband, father and spiritually minded man who is passionate about creating excellent design that brings his client's vision and dreams to life.  

Yitzchok Apter
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"Yitzchok brings vision to projects. He is a creator. He looks for what should be and makes that come to life rather than borrowing on other people's designs or products. He is like a jazz musician, he creates through envisioning what should be present, innovates and brings these dreams to life.


It is also worth mentioning that Apter is a kind, flexible and loving human being. After working with him for over a year now, my design partner Christine and me consider it an honor to also call him our friend."

- Chris A

Lead Designer of the Field